"This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come."

Matthew 24:14




In 2013 Grace Auckland purchased a piece of land in Yangon, Myanmar.  Financial giving in Auckland enabled and supported the construction of a small, multipurpose building that functions as a church and home for Pastor Henry Maa and his family, as well as a haircutting salon.  


Ps Henry’s little flock is too poor to financially support him – but in spiritual reality they are rich according to Revelation 2:9 – so Henry doubles as pastor and barber/hair stylist in their community.  


We support Ps Henry as well as two students from an affiliated Bible College.




Rebecca Kristenson has been working under

“His Heart Ministries” in Baguio City for the

past 10 years.


His Heart ministries works to bring the good news of the Gospel to the remote villages of Baguio. The practical components to their ministry involves working with the homeless, abused children and putting the lonely and isolated in families. The Father continues to amaze us in the miracles that are so common in the life of the people of the house churches planted through His Heart Ministries.


There is no formula – just the love and power of Jesus shining through His children.


Grace has also been involved in short term missions trips to various regions of the Philippines. A number of people at Grace continue to travel to minister to the people in remote villages and be an encouragement to the local Pastors.




Give Hope was an organisation started by key people of Grace Church’s history. It is an ongoing organisation in two different locations in India.


The South East (Vijaywada) has a home for girls and an afterschool support centre for underprivileged children.


In the South, there is a multipurpose community centre, children’s home and an afterschool tuition centre.


Both places have strong Christian leaders in place and are functioning well as a result of the creative expression, ideas and financial support of Give Hope.


Papua New Guinea


Graeme & Sharon, local Aucklanders continue to spend a lot of time abroad in Papua New Guinea helping one region in a very practical and community focused scheme.


Retired builder and teacher respectively,

they continue to put their talents to use.

They fundraised to purchase and import a block-cutting machine from China, and are now providing on the job construction training to local adult students. They also provide administration support, Christian teaching and sanitary teaching for men and women in surrounding villages.




Quite a number of the Grace Community have visited Cambodia on short term missions trips to different regions in Cambodia.


After 10 years of many teams visiting, they have reached many remote villages with the Gospel of Jesus as well as administering medicines to those without basic health and hygiene knowledge.


The team are always looking for new people to join the experience in seeing the hand of the Father touch and transform lives.