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On Sunday 20 December, Derek & Fiona Best were joyfully announced as Grace Church’s new Senior Ministers, the position left vacant by Bob & Lisa Scroggins after their return home to the United States to be with their family.

We firmly believe Derek & Fiona are the Lord’s chosen appointment as senior ministers. Derek and Fiona have been key people in Grace Church for several years.  Derek is the chairman of the trust board and a powerful preacher. Fiona is lead vocalist in the worship team, their eldest son Joshua leads the worship team.  


In mid-October, a group from Grace Church gathered expectantly to hear the word of the Lord for Grace Church through prophet Len Buttner. Second Chronicles 20:20 says, “Trust in the Lord your God and you will be safe. Trust in His prophets and you will succeed.” Len powerfully ministered to us all and gave the following word to Derek:

[Derek] I’ve seen since the last time [we met], a moving up, an extension of the Lord over your life, an elevation of God in your gifting, in your calling, in what God’s doing with you. I want to encourage you in that, to pursue it, because it’s more evident to me today that God’s put a shepherding heart upon you, a leadership gift, to feed the sheep. Jesus’ instruction to Peter [in John 21] was, “feed My sheep”. There’s something that’s working there in the spiritual sense in God, on your heart, in what He’s calling you to. I believe there’s a coming up and a running with what’s burning in your heart in God.  And you know there’s more coming for you as a church, as a fellowship, and that God is working in you so that the full extent of the calling will be fulfilled. [The apostle] Paul talks about that [in Ephesians 4]... the maturing of our gift, to bring us into the fulness of Christ that He has preordained, predestined for us. And I see that upon you, that transformation of God’s calling, of His work in you. So, be open!! God is going to get hold of you in this season and time. And you’re going to know this is God preparing you for the house. [The Lord is saying] “Lead My sheep. Feed My sheep.” It’s upon you, Brother. You can run if you like. I’ve tried that – it doesn’t work too well! God catches you in the end. But you’re ready for it. Amen. So, bless you. Keep it up.


In the weeks that followed, Derek received several more prophetic words from trusted sources about Grace Church and the strategic role he could fulfil if he chose to take it up.  Those words re-stirred promises the Lord had given to Derek many years ago. Sunday's appointment is a significant step in the Lord fulfilling these promises!  


As 2020 draws to a close, we thank and praise the Lord for His great love and mercy to us.  At Grace Church we resoundingly echo the psalmist's words in joyfully declaring, "You, O Lord, crown the year with Your goodness, all Your paths overflow with richness.  The boundary lines have fallen to us in marvellous places - yes, we have an awesomely wonderful inheritance." (Psalm 65:12 and 16:6)


Derek is fulfilling the senior minister role in a lay capacity for the next few months while he transitions his current employment into a part time role and takes up the role at Grace.

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