Fruitfulness in Families

Pearl Wilson
July 21, 2021

The following message from the Lord came through a young prophet by the name of Jeremiah Johnson on June 12th.  It concerns ‘ministry’ and what ‘ministry’ is from the Lord’s perspective.  It is a now word for you and for me.


I have come to break the yokes off your necks tonight concerning what you think ministry should look like.  For in these days I am releasing an uncommon people who will operate in an uncommon anointing that will allow them to function in uncommon spaces and places! 


Many have been well-intending to speak over your life what they think you should be doing. But tonight I have come to set the captives free – free from the opinions of others and even free from their own opinions of what they think ministry should look like.


For I have a controversy with My people and it is this: they take issue too easily with the gifts I have placed within their lives.  Because the gifts are not often shiny nor do they glitter, My people reject them and act like they have no real value. 


I shall do a new thing in this generation but behold this is really the ancient path, for did I not give Eve to Adam to be fruitful and multiply?  Have I not always desired and intended to expand My rule and reign in the earth through healthy marriages and families?  My people long for harvest in the earth at the expense of the harvest I desire to bring in their homes.  They long to be used in a greater capacity in the ministry while never realising the field and vocation I have placed them in is their ministry. 


I want to talk to you, says the Lord, about the harvest that is coming to the earth.  It will not be found in a church building but in neighbourhoods, business sectors, cafes, school systems and, above all else, in marriages and families.


I repeat, an uncommon anointing, that will allow My people to function in uncommon places and spaces, will fall in this generation.  Even as I raised up Joseph and gave him a place and a space in Egypt, so I am raising up a Joseph company in the earth who will invade the digital, governmental and marketplace arenas with My glory, creativity and favour. 


I have come to lift the yokes off your necks O My people!  Lay down your call to what you think ministry should look like and open your eyes to your marriage, your family and the mundane that is before you.  For the talent I have given you is not small but exceedingly great in My eyes.

Love & blessings, Pearl