An expectation of Encounter

Derek Best
September 21, 2021

Hi everyone, welcome to level 3 lockdown,  I hope you are well.

I want to encourage you all to keep pressing into God daily. Spend some time just resting in His presence with an expectation for a powerful encounter.

I have been reminded lately that throughout scriptures many people had incredible encounters with God in many different places. There were certainly times when the Lord encountered His people as they gathered together to worship and honour God. But there were many other places as well.

  • Moses was in the backside of the desert looking after sheep (Ex 3)

  • Samuel was lying in his bed (1 Sam 3)

  • David was delivering supplies to his brothers (1 Sam 17)

  • Saul was on a journey to Damascus (Acts 9)

  • Peter was in jail (Acts 12)

  • Phillip was baptising an Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8)

  • Cornelius was praying at home (Acts 10)

  • Paul & Silas were flogged, locked in stocks in the inner cell. In the dark, among the prison smells, the pain from their beating and the discomfort of being locked in stocks – they worshiped, and the Lord Moved. Not only were they set free, but the jailer and his whole family were saved (Acts 16)

While we love gathering together in an atmosphere of faith and anointed worship, God wants to keep encountering us powerfully no matter where we are. I pray that your bubble is a place of significant encounter for you. I know that He is our sufficiency – He has everything we need and is eager to be near us and impact our lives.

As Pastor Marian so wonderfully shared on Sunday when we remain connected to the source (Jesus) – grafted into the vine – we are promised Joy and Peace. His supply flows into our lives making us fruitful and granting whatever we ask in Him.

There is no greater place for us that in His presence, so make some time and space for Him to encounter you each day and have an expectation for encounters with the Holy Spirit that will move us all into His purpose for each of us.

Have a great week.

Shalom and great Grace to you all