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Friends Of The Bridegroom

The disciples asked the Lord Jesus what sign they should expect to signal his coming and the completion of the age (Matthew 24:3)? They were eager to prepare themselves for the time they thought was imminent when He would overthrow Roman rulership and take the throne of Israel by force. And after he had established himself as king of Israel they hoped to sit beside him on either side of his throne (Matthew 20:21). They had no idea that just a few days later the Lord would let Himself be given over to the Romans to be crucified on a cross.

The disciples didn’t understand that God’s kingdom wasn’t an earthly kingdom (Luke 17:20-21). They didn’t understand that Israel wasn’t to be the totality of God’s kingdom (Isaiah 56:7). They didn’t understand that God’s fiery passion was for all nations (Psalm 86:9).

Two thousand years have passed since the disciples asked the Lord that question. The Lord prophesied many events would take place (Matthew 24:4-13), and some of these things are happening before our very eyes. But the greatest sign to signal that the completion of the age is near will be the bride emerging in the glory of God in which she is called to walk (Revelation 19:7-9).

The overcoming bride will be granted the right to sit with her Bridegroom King on His throne (Revelation 3:21). Note in this verse the resurrected Lord says His overcoming bride will “sit with Me on My throne”; the verse doesn’t say ‘one on My left and one on My right’. The Bridegroom King is passionate about many things but His greatest fiery passion is for His bride, the church (Song of Solomon 4:1-15).

John the Baptist understood God’s fiery passion. John told his disciples, “He [Jesus] is the Bridegroom, and the bride belongs to Him. I am the friend of the Bridegroom who stands nearby and listens with great joy to the Bridegroom’s voice. Because of His words, my joy is complete and overflows” (John 3:29)

The bride is making herself ready, and the Lord has not left her to do it on her own. God’s fiery passion for His bride is now touching many of His messengers who will become inflamed with the Lord’s passion to help the bride make herself ready. This new breed of unselfish ministry is being commissioned now and they will start a revolution in the church. These friends will make themselves spiritual eunuchs for the sake of the King’s kingdom. The King’s eunuchs will not have any personal desire for the bride; rather, they will take meticulous care of her, all for the Bridegroom’s sake, to beautify her for the King’s pleasure (Esther 2:8, 9, 12-13).

Do you want to be a friend of the Bridegroom? Do you want to stand with Him, listening with great joy to His voice, assisting Him to help His Bride make herself ready? With all my heart I want to be one of His friends. And you can too. If we keep saying “yes” to wanting to be a friend of the Bridegroom, we can be totally confident that He who inspired this good work in us will complete it (Philippians 1:6). The Lord is returning soon and His bride will be ready for Him. What greater satisfaction can there ever be than to see our Bridegroom King gain the passionate desire of His heart!

Love and blessings Pearl

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