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  • Derek

Choosing What We Wear

Isaiah 61:10 - I am overwhelmed with joy in the LORD my God! For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation and draped me in a robe of righteousness.

On Sunday morning the Lord showed me a picture. There was a bedroom with a big bed and a person sleeping in the bed. On one corner of the bed there were some amazingly beautiful clothes laid out. These clothes were amazing, golden and tailored as if for a specific occasion, they gave me the feeling that these clothes were for someone of royal persuasion. They were laid out in a way that they were prepared for the wearer to put on when they woke up.

When the person in the bed woke-up. They noticed the amazing clothes on the end of their bed, and they paused to consider if they should put those clothes on or if they should just wear what they normally wore, what they were comfortable in.  

I believe the person in bed is a picture of each of us and the clothes, a picture of the Lords gracious provision and enabling for each of us to be like Him and walk in His ways and purposes. His enabling fully provided and laid out on bed for us every morning. 

Robes are significant in the scriptures, they illustrate the spiritual realities, attitudes and positions we embrace as we read in Isaiah 61:10. The Lord provides His people garments - praise, righteousness, the Father welcomed the prodigal home with the finest robe in the house (Luke 15:22), Jacob gave Joseph a coat of many colours to show his favour (Gen 37:3), the priests had robes for specific occasions, the king had royal robes, the soldiers gambled for Jesus' garments after His death.

Clothes are what people see of us, how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us. Bringing those two concepts together says that God provides for us in Christ, the ability to embrace Godly characteristics, disciplines, attitudes, beliefs, mindsets, standards and lifestyles. He makes this gracious offering fresh and new every morning. So every morning we get to choose (you can even change your clothes during the day).

What do I think God is saying...

Each day we choose what we wear, even though the Lord has provided royal robes specifically designed for us for this day, this season, this moment, we can still choose to leave them on the bed and put on our good old track pants and t-shirt - our "normal" clothes. We can choose to put on what God has for us, or keep wearing our casual, comfortable clothes. We can choose to put on love, faith, intimacy, righteousness, obedience, holiness, courage, purity, joy, peace, mercy and other characteristics. When we put these on, we will stand out in the crowd, we will "look" different, Jesus even said they will recognise you because of your love for one another - your love should be visible, noticeable - like you are wearing it. Alternatively, we can choose to wear the attitudes and mindsets of our old selves that mean we simply blend into the crowd and hide the one who we seek to be like.

The resources of heaven are available to you today, if we are His children, His bride, His priests we can put on all that He has for us and walk in it confidently. What did you choose today? What will you choose tomorrow?

Grace and Peace to you all. 



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